Ways of working

I produce ceramics as a form of art. Animate and inanimate nature provides me with the inspiration for the particular shapes and surface variances of my pieces. As a result, my work is characterized by being fluid as well as angular, harmonious yet provocative, elegant as well as archaic, lively yet quiet. My choice of clay, the transformations occurring during the production cycle, my vivid impressions and colourations produce unique, sometimes narrative, and always strongly expressive results.

Primitive firing produces one-of-a-kind originals, because the combined effects of different factors, such as finishing materials, fuel, object location in the open fire, smoke development, air temperature, humidity, wind and weather always lead to unique artistic results. My porcelain work combines the elegant coolness of this noble material with the power of my inexhaustible imagination, surprising the observer with unexpected visual experiences. My glazed work defies conventional expectations, because I continue to refine it artistically until just before the actual firing. I create my expressive ceramic work mainly for biennials and international art competitions. The challenge of having to work with a preset theme is often especially attractive in this context. My love of experimentation is further enhanced by having my imagination channeled in this way.

In addition to these pursuits, my energies are focused on the realization of projects inspired by my study tours, which complement my one-of-a-kind creations. In these projects, I like to incorporate other artistic forms of expression, such as assemblages and installations, and different artistic approaches such as woodworking and photography. However, ceramics always remains at the center of my artistic work and thought.