Biography Evelyne Schoenmann

I was born and raised in Basel (Switzerland). I began my professional education by training as an interior decorator, and then continued it by studying export management, and music (piano). My creativity and imagination continue to be inspired by 30 years of active engagement in these three areas. At the same time, it has encouraged my tendency to work in a focused and disciplined manner.

Beginning in 2002, I worked for several well-known ceramic studios in Basel, where I acquired a thorough grounding in the design and production of ceramics.

Since 2009 I have worked as an independent ceramic artist in my two studios: in Basel (creation and production) and in Liguria/Italy (primitive firing, mostly pit firing, drum firing and sawdust firing). In addition I continue to study ceramics at home and abroad. I specialize in pit firing (primitive firing), and my work in this area has received considerable international attention.

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